Let’s Get This party Started!

May 7, 2008

My blog is mainly gonna be in top 5 or similar form.Each item will have a rating from 1-5, 5 being the best.

1st post- Top 4 best websites


GREAT mac emulation (looks, not hackintosh or osx86). Many downloads, somewhat active forum, Active and beautious gallery, and great moderators….what more could you ask for?



Many free program downloads, an easy-to-use format, old versions of apps available for downloads, and frequent updates. I recommend Firefox 3 Beta 5, CCleaner, and AVG Antivirus 8 Free



Great free flash games site. About 4500 games, most of which are high quality, a forum (I dont use it, but I think its pretty active), badges for achievements ingame, Great chat integrated into games, and more. Also, developers can submit their games.



Webmail. Gtalk is integrated. An account on Gmail is an account on google. Get one. If gtalk is blocked, I recommend going to 1.The https:// instead of the default http://     2.Use pidgin and run it though that



Update (2/14/09):

Wow…looking back…craziness. I’ve gone from 300 hits a month to 900 or so hits a day. From top fives to wallpapers. From making tons of mistakes and not proofreading to only a few mistakes and sometimes proofreading (Ok, so not that big of a change there.)


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