Top 10 best free Apps

May 7, 2008

1.Firefox 3 Beta 5

The best web browser, and everyone knows it. Fast loading, addons, password remembering support, and much, much, more.



Crap Cleaner. Deletes temporary and useless files. If you run it once a week, it should clear up about 2 gigs. Also, it deletes bad Registry entries



The best free audio and video player. Low system resource requirements and skin support.


4.AVG Free edition 8

Best free antivirus. Has email checker, frequent updates, system tray, and quick and accurate scan.


5.Threatfire Antivirus

An antivirus and spyware protector that, instead of eliminating viruses once your machine is infected, works like a firewall. It uses heuristic technology to detect virus like code.


6.Spybot Search and Destroy

A pretty damn good spyware destroyer. Frequent updates, and pretty fast scans.


7. RK Launcher iVista

A mac-like dock for windows. Supports YzDocklets and ObjectDock Docklets. Comes w/ about 15 docklets and some great icons


8. Sysmetrix

A nice, skinnable system stats monitor. Low resource footprint and some great skins. I use Future Blue.


9.Auslogics Disk Defrag

A good free defrag. Pick up most all fragmented files, but is a little slow for my tastes. Still….faster and more accurate than the default windows.


10. iTunes

You should already know what this is. It’s a media player, with support for most audio and video. Nice looks, an easy interface.


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