Top 5 Bands of all Time

May 7, 2008

1.Three Days Grace

Great alternative group. On most radio stations, their only song played is “Never too late”, so i recommend getting a CD, as they have better songs than NTL. They have 2 CDs, Three Days Grace and One X


2. 3 Doors Down

Another great alternative group. They’re a little quieter than 3DG. I recommend their CD “The Better Life”.


3.Savage Garden

An Australian Soft Rock group. Check out “Truly, Madly, Completely” and “Savage Garden”.


4.David Bowie

Pop Rock. Older artist, with a lot of controversy around him…or rather, his habits. Still, good music. “Best of Bowie” is good, as is “David Bowie:The Platinum Collection”.


5.Crazy Frog

Techno. Makes remakes of songs, and gives a more techno feel.



One comment

  1. Update-
    1.3 Doors Down
    2.3 Days Grace
    3.Breaking Benjamin
    4.Sum 41
    5.Fort Minor

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