Top 5 Best ways to Speed Up your Windows PC

May 8, 2008

1.Delete useless/Temp files

These files can start to accumulate, and slow down hard-disk reading. I would recommend running CCleaner about once every 3 days to get rid of these.

2.Defrag once per week or so

Files can become fragmented, meaning they are saved in portions all over your hard disk. As you can imagine, this slows down the reading process considerably. I recommend Auslogics disk-defrag for this.

3.Uninstall Software you no longer use

Just do it. If you haven’t used it for a couple months, run it once, just to see if you still want it. Try to delete most programs you use less frequently than once a month. CCleaner has an uninstaller, and windows has one in the control panel.

4.Run only necessary processes

Go to task manager, and click on the processes tab. Just take a look at all your processes, how much CPU their using, how much ram, etc. The names are usually self-explanatory if it’s not a system process. Look up some of the big RAM users online, and see if it is a good idea to end them. For a more detailed report than Task Manager provides, get Process Explorer.

5.Reg Tweaks

These can be risky, but are VERY good if done correctly. I recommend going to TweakXP.com and checking out some of those. Use regedit to make tweaks. And Be VERY CAREFUL. For major tweaks, make a backup of your documents and stuff.

All this assumes that your machine is Spyware/Malware free. If not, Run virus (avg free 8) and spyware scans (Spybot s&d).


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