Ten programs to make your XP look like OSX

May 9, 2008

1.Flyakite OSX 3.5

I have had success w/ this, but others i know report BIOS problems…..your chioce. Bear in mind, this is for newbs. Everything in this can be done manually, and will probably be better.

EDIT: Ok, some major issues w/ 3.5. Onl install with 48×48 icons, and don’t uninstall without having

1.Unreal Commander or other windows explorer alternative

2.Knowledge of system files

After uninstalling, iertutil.dll will most likely be gone. Go into your dllcache, and move it from there into c:\windows\system32 and c:\windows


Changes your theme…the default is that disgusting xp one. May require UX-themepatcher. There are some good ones at Studio-TwentyEight.com


These are GREAT. VERY useful, and aesthetically pleasing. I think that RK Launcher(get iVista or Leopard Inspired) is best, but Rocketdock and Yz Dock are pretty good. Objectdock SUX!

4.True Transparency

Pretty much changes the border of your windows. There are 2 or 3 good mac themes. At osx-e, there are a Tiger one (i made it) and a Leopard one. Both are great.

5.Spotlight Clones

These do just what the name suggests-Emulate Spotlight! Many work w/ Google Desktop Search, so you might have to get that. I recommend I-find, but searchspy and macfind aregood too.


An alt-tab replacement. Supports .icos and .pngs as icons for windows.


Gives you that Mac taskbar…..you know what i mean. Some people have appearance issues….but it is great if it works fine.

8.Tiger System Preferences

Like control panel, just……TIGER! Surprise…..bet you didn’t see that one coming.

9. Explorer Mods

Ok….for this, you can use an alternative, like nexplorer. Or you can use Styler w/ a mac theme and Findexer. I prefer the latter.


Forthis, you can use Konfabulator or Avedesk. I don’t use these b/c the take up to much RAM….but if you have more than a gig, or don’t run many apps at once, these are great. I recommend a combination of Kon and Ave. Also, try Sysmetrix.

Most of this, plus much more, can be found at www.osx-e.com


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