Top 7 best firefox addons

May 13, 2008

All addons for Firefox can be found at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/


Tired of waiting for hours to download the latest WOW patch, only to have your internet cut out on you at the last second? Bored of speeds like “12 kbs”? Never, fear, sanctuary is here. And it’s free. This download manager/accellerator is comparable to many commercial ones, such as DAP.



Collects your addons, history, bookmarks, page source, downloads, and page info in a nifty little sidebar. My nosehairs are getting excited at the very thought (I’m hyper tonight, in case you hadn’t picked up on that)


3.Download Statusbar

A little bar at the bottom of your FF window, with all yuor downloads. This addons, while simple, Rox my Sox off (if only it were ox).


4.Speed Dial/Fast dial

These 2 are basically the same thing. It is essentially like Opera’s speed dial, where it has thumbnails of page you have selected as shortcuts to the pages. Quite nice.



View pictures through a great wall..supports many image and video searches, including youtube, google, and deviantart.



Saves pages COMPLETELY….which FF default saver does not do. Also catalogs saved pages nicely.


7.Adblock plus

Blocks most ads (strangely enough). That’s about, it, but this reduces loading time and gets rid of thoseĀ  stupid, distracting ads.




  1. Only 3.8 for abp???
    AND WTF is up??
    First of all, you don’t play wow.
    Second of all nosehairs?
    and rox ur sox off? no more drugs for u…

  2. i kno i dont play wow…just an example…cuz there hella big

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