The First Wallpaper

June 25, 2008

Sorry it took so long to get the wallpapery juices flowing, peeps, but I have a Frisbee camp this week. Expect more posts next week.My wallpapers were NOT made by me, and most of them can be found on one of these 2 sites: Hdwallpapers.net and Wallpaper Abyss

Finally, my wallpapers MAY (and probably will, for that matter) offend some people (Especially MAJORITIES. I don’t like majorities…unless I’m part of the majority).

Today’s Wallpaper:

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  2. oh snap thats awesome. its like liquid fire.

  3. you should cal it liquid fire. it rolls off the tongue nicely.

  4. Cool wallpaper. You should check out http://www.findawallpaper.com they add 250 new wallpapers daily and its growing into a really nice collection of high quality wallpapers.

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