Ghostly Fleet

June 30, 2008

Today’s Wallpaper:

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Sorry about this message in every post, but i need ideas. So far NOBODY has visited this link and taken the survey! It’s just 1 question! TAKE THE SURVEY! Once i have 4-5 ideas for names, i will stop putting this whole thing in each post, and will just put a link.

This will be in every post for 2 weeks:

I have decided that simply a wallpaper a day is not enough to justify a blog, especially since I already have all the wallpapers arranged in the order in which they shall be posted. Therefore, I shall, on Friday of each week, make a list of several good Windows applications that A.came out this week OR B.I just discovered. So, without further delay, I present the first of many


Actually, that title sucks….

Give me some suggestions, people!

Until I figure out how to write a poll in Java by myself, you can suggest names HERE.

This poll will be closed in 2 Weeks…so vote NOW!

I’ll have a new poll open after that for 1 week with the 5 names I liked the most.

The password is bobwama…all lowercase.



  1. Unreal! Such an amazing image.

  2. hi…………….

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