City Highest

July 3, 2008

Today’s Wallpaper:

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Ok, Peeps.

Since no one has yet voted on the survey, i will stop posting the link and stuff. The App feature on Fridays will be called Apps of the Week (Say it A-P-Ps of the week).

As a sidenote, i will soon be adding a blog to mirror this one on Tumblr. Although i will continue to post on this blog, I will have additional features (Daily music, comics, etc.) on Tumblr. I am doing this because WordPress, while a great blogging tool for those just starting to code/blog, is too restrictive for those who would like to do some complex coding/blogging (and I’ll hopefully be doing some of both). This “move” will not take place until somewhere near the end of July though. In the interlude, I will be coding and designing the blog, and probably doing some prelim posting.

Finally, I will be gone for July 16th,17th, and 18th, and possibly for the 15th,19th, and 20th as well. Obviously, there will be NO POSTING (Weep your little hearts out….please?) during the days I am gone. I’ll TRY to make it up to you with my stuff on tumblr, which should be up within a week of my return.



  1. ooh i dunno if ur still looking for titles but u could call it like..city of the sky. or like castle in the sky. or sky high. or something.

  2. ooh or cloud city. city in the clouds. city of the clouds.

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