Unite America

August 30, 2008

Today’s Wallpaper:

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Well, it’s election season yet again (just in case you hadn’t picked up on that). The two mainstream candidates are Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain. While both candidates have our country’s best interest in heart, Barack Obama stands for change, whereas McCain supports overwhelmingly the same policies as George W. Bush.Under Bush’s 8-year reign our country’s national debt has more than doubled (from around $3.5 trillion in early 2001 to around $9.5 trillion in late 2008), a war has needlessly for more than 6 years, and the average drop-out rate in schools across the country has increased. Obama will make the first in hopefully a marathon of steps to repair our country, both in image overseas and in prosperity at home.  I therefore urge, nay, implore you to vote for Barack Obama. Below is a collection of more prominent and moving speeches from the Democratic National Convention, which concluded the evening before last. I strongly encourage all of you to listen to one of these speeches, especially if you are on the fence about whom to choose, or are even consdiering McCain.  If you are only going to listen to one, I would suggest either Hilary Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s speech.

Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech:

Al Gore’s Speech:

Joe Biden’s Speech:

Bill Clinton’s Speech:

Hilary Clinton’s Speech:

Michelle Obama’s Speech:

Nacy Pelosi’s Speech:

Also, I encourage you to vist Obama’s website at www.barackobama.com

This picture is from the Manifest Hope Gallery Finalists, which can be viewed HERE


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