Field of Dreams

November 3, 2008

Today’s Wallpaper:

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Since I didn’t do it on Friday, here’s Apps of the Week-

Skype Beta

Nicely designed chat client/network, with file transfer and chat room support.

Opera 9.62

A fairly fast browser, but not as good as chrome or FF

Chrome Beta

Google’s new browser. Starts up fast, and browses fast, but has an individual footprint per tab, making it’s footprint pretty large.

Defraggler 1.04.098

A system defragmenter which can target individual files. Should only be used with another defrag, such as Auslogics defrag.

CCleaner 2.13.720

Deletes temporary and junk files, cleans your registry, and has an uninstaller.

FooBar 2000 0.9.6 Beta 2

A very nice media player.

Miro 1.2.8

Another nice media player, with online video download support, and some other unique features.

Notepad ++ 5.1

A notepad replacement that has extra features.


Java runtime environment.


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  1. Thanks, keep up your great post !

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