Windows 7

January 9, 2009


Something very exciting happened today- the free (until 2.5 million people have downloaded it) Windows 7 Beta 1 was released. I, of course, immediately downloaded a copy and burned it to a DVD. For those of you getting pissed at MS for not updating with a link, they are swamped, so use these links instead:



These links are FAST. With a download accelerator (IDM, which works very well by the way) I managed to download the 2.438 GB file in about an hour. It took PowerISO about 8 minutes to burn it to a disc, and the install took about 40 minutes. It looks almost exactly like Vista (a little nicer, actually), but runs like a DREAM. For those of you who don’t want to erase your data when you install Windows 7, make a partition (I used Acronis Disc Director, which is probably best, but there are other good apps out there) that isat least 10 GB. The windows files/default apps take up about 7 GB.

(Jan 10) Update:For those of you longing for activation keys, this method worked first try for me:


Thanks LifeHacker!


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  1. Windows 7 .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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