January 11, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:

Apps of the Week

Apps of the week is moving to Sundays, peoples, and I have added a page with my top choices for several types of Apps.

1.Google Chrome

Google Chrome is fast becoming my browser of choice, and unless Firefox makes it so that FF starts up in less than 1 minute, or adds some other exciting features, I don’t think that will change. Chrome is fast, both in startup (about 5 seconds for me) and in browsing speed (slightly faster than Firefox, which is in trun slightly faster than just about all the other browsers). Try it out!

2.Skype Beta

Skype is one of the premiere choices for video conferencing nowadays, and the reputation is well deserved. I myself enjoy it solely for chatting with my friends (I don’t have a webcam).  Skype is reliable and has a lovely interface.

3.OpenOffice 3.0.1 RC1

OpenOffice is a ruly fantastic set of programs. A near perfect imitation of Office 2003, and now with built in .docx, .pptx, etc. support.I am currently using this on my Windows 7 partition, and though it’s not quite as good as Office 2007, it costs absolutely nothing! This, combined with the Windows 7 Beta (Free download ’til the 24th) makes for a free version of Windows! All in all, a fantastic program.

4.FileZilla 3.2.0 RC2

I have just recently started using FTP software (just setup my wordpress.org, which, by the way, I will be transitioning to sometime in February–bobwama.co.cc), and have found this free software to be better than most out there, and certainly the best free one.Though it does have an annoying habit of crashing, it still is muh more acurrate in terms of reading your hosts files than the other FTP programs I have tried, several of which were NOT free.



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