Pine Forest

February 14, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:

august-26-08Apps of the Week

Had a lot of apps come out this week..but not so many good ones.

1.AVG Free Edition 8.0.234

As always, this great antivirus software makes my list. Frequent updates, browser integration, spyware scanning…what more could you ask for in an antivirus (heuristics, yes, but let’s not get into that)? What’s that you say? You want it to be FREE? Well, guess what! The free antivirus easily beats many paid ones on the market today, and the paid version of this is second only to ESET Smart Security.

2.FileZilla 3.2.2 RC1

Filezilla is a great free FTP manager. It has no really unique features, but has all the basics and a nice, clean interface. I have to say though…it has a tendency to crash during long transfers. Nonethelles, this is MY FTP software of choice.

3.Foobar2000 beta 1

I can’t write a very effective review for FooBar 2000, because, honestly, VLC is all I need and use. However, I have heard quite good things about it from some friends are pretty knowledgable when it comes to computers. For those of you who don’t already know this, FooBar is an audio player that supports most formats to begin with, and almost all with some add-ons

4.Notepad++ 5.2

Notepad++ is an alternative to Notepad or Wordpad. It includes several features that neither of those have, most prominently WYSIWYG editing. 

5.CPU-Z 1.50

I almost hate to include, but, for lack of a better app, I’m going to. CPU-Z is, honestly, something you will probably use once a month or less (unless you’re a crazy computer builder or something similar). That being said, whenever you do use it, you can oretty much rest asure that whatever it tells you is accurate. CPU-Z basically tells you information about several sections of your computer- CPU, Mainboard, Memory, and your and a few other things.



  1. this are some pretty nifty wallpapers, but one concern that i have is, none of these wallpapers are really “created” by bob wama. they are simply put together based on other images found throughout the web. am i wrong?

  2. You are correct, Lawrence, but I have noted this, and take no credit. I would give the name of the creator, but most of these are anonymous, and the others I got a year or so ago, when I had no idea I would be posting them.

  3. OMG, Simply Amazing! Love It. Huge Thanks. Nicky

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