Piano to Heaven (or not…)

February 15, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:

artistic-colors-27823Today I’m going to address an issue I’ve been thinking about discussing for a while- religion. I myself am an atheist. Before anybody starts hatin’ let me clarify something (any hating comments will probably be deleted FYI). Atheists do not do any of these things: 1)Worship Satan, Pagan gods, or anything else “offensive” to the god-fearing community. 2)Hate god. Do you hate fairies? No- BECAUSE THEY DON’T EXIST 3)Get together in cults or anything similar. Most of the time, atheism is unorganized. 4)We are NOT going to hell. We don’t believe it exists, but those of you who do- know this. The bible says that as long as we do not worship “False” god(s) (see #1), and live a life acceptable by the establishment, we can go to heaven. Which, by the way, does not exist. 5)Commit awful sins and/or corrupt people. Just because we are not guided by the Ten Commandments does NOT mean we don’t have morals. It pisses me off more than ANYTHING when people say that religion is so important because of its moral examples. In some cases I agree, but in most somebody with little enough of a moral compass to know what is right will not be changed by any religion.

Now that that is out of the way, let me tell you what made me post this. I finished reading “Monster” by Frank Peretti last night. Great book- but quite honestly, a little to Christian for me. I don’t have problems with books with POSITIVE Christian messages. It’s when Evolutionists are portrayed as VILLAINS (Yes, villains) and Creationists as heroes that I get pissed. But I was willing to overlook it because it’s a good book, until I read the Q’s to the author. In them, the Peretti mentions he was trying to discredit Darwinism by proving that mutations are harmful (not in those words, but that was the gist). The book deals with using Adenovirii to mutate genetic code. I agree with this- except for the fact that Darwinism is based on NATURAL mutations, which are more accurately called genetic adaptations. Unlike artificial mutations, these occur over many generations in response to the creatures habitat, predators, prey, or something similar.

Since it took me so little time to destroy that argument, I figured I’d move on to Christianity in general.I’m going to start by saying that I ABSOLUTELY have no problem with Christians or any or religious group- though, when you get preachy, I will get pissed. I have friends who are Jewish, Catholi, Christians, Hindu, Jehova’s Witnesses, Mormons, Episcopals, Muslims, and many others. I’m alot more neutral than almost any religious person. But, quite honestly, I think that the Bible is really Highly embellished historical fiction. Since we are reading Homer’s Odyssey in English, I might as well draw some parallels. Both of them have mystical beings, magic, and other scientifically impossible things, yet nobody takes the Odyssey as divine scripture. You can argue that the Bible was written by prophets, but really, do you believe fortune tellers? Probably not. Which leaves the bible being written as history- same as the Odyssey.Don’t get me wrong, I do believe certain parts of the bible. I DO feel that Jesus was a great man, who did a lot of good, I just don’t  believe that he was the son of God, or that God even exists. I will agree that there was a great flood, because almost all religious texts mention one. I will NOT agree that a guy names Noah built an Ark and took 2 of each sort of animal (except the Unicorns-gotta love Shel Silverstein) until the flood passed. Those are the major parts that I agree with. And, finally, Creationism is PROVEN, beyond reasonable doubt, to be false- which sorta destroys that whole thing about God creating the world.  I will not say I haven’t heard some decent arguments for the existence of God. Contrary to what some pretty prolific Atheist blogs say, there are better arguments than that we cannot “prove” God doesn’t exist- though I have heard that one too. But the fact is, all the arguments hinge arounf what we DON’T know, rather than what we do. Even the best argument I have heard- the question of where our consciousness comes from, hinges around that.

One last topic to address- Prayer. This bugs me most of all.Prayer, in my opinion, and even some Christians I know, is a way of doing one of 2 things. The first, and the one I think is harmless at worst and quite helpful at best is to give people hope. In situation where you are helpless, prayer can do a lot of good. The second thing, which pisses me off, is so that those who are too lazy to actually do something can FEEL like they are helping. You want your child to come back from Iraq- do all you can. There’s never a 100% guarantee that he (or she) will come home, or even a 90% chance, but by helping out, raising money, petitioning for the end of this war that NEVER should have started (you can thank Bush, a man of conservative religion for this. Consider it his, or rather Cheney’s, Jihad), you will raise there chances.



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