February 24, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:


Sorry that, once again, I have not posted for several days. I’ve been busy with school and getting Kalyway Leopard to work on my Thinkpad T60. After 4 day, it’s finally working! I’ll post some screenshots tommorow..but really, they are just gonna look like Leopard screenies. Maybe I’ll take a photo of my comp and post it.

Oh, and a note for those of you installing Kalyway (10.5.2 in my case) on a T60- don’t use the ATI X1000 graphics drivers- it won’t boot. Also, at the moment there is no CONSISTENT Mac driver for our intel 3945 Wireless Card. There is one ported from linux (search on google) but in general it tends to make your machine crash.


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