Fallen Angel

March 1, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:

dark-angel-21114Nothin very excitin happenin today. I continue to work on my flash game, practive with Maya, and work on my hackintosh partition.



  1. …this is beautiful…

  2. Hi,
    this wallpaper is really great work! Would you allow me to use it as background for a choir-concert-poster of a mixed choir in denmark?

    Best wishes


  3. This is really good. I’m actually writing a book and this would go perfect for it. Would you mind if i used it as the cover?

  4. can I post this image on my angel blog?


    let me know.

    many thanks

  5. May I use this image and edit it slightly (crop and add words) as a cover for a book I am going to publish?

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