LSD Reality

March 29, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:


Once again, my homework is beginning to get to me, and I skip days. On those days, exciting things happen- like yesterday. Firefox 3.08 was released yesterday. Seems like just last week 3.07 came out.

I need a new battery for my computer. Not to mention more RAM, an new processor, and lots of other stuff (you can check out the list here). But I say battery because my battery life has mysteriously and suddenly dropped. I went from about 2.5 hours on full screen brightness to about an hour. And it’s getting worse FAST. I don’t know if it’s my CPU eating up my power, or that my battery was damaged, but this could get nasty pretty soon. It’s gotten to the point where I have less than one minuter per percent. I hope my insurance covers this…



  1. Did you do this artwork or did you get it from someplace else, this is pretty awesome, how can anyone think of such a composition…

  2. ta wena la media volaaa

  3. this is the best image i ever seen…

  4. Do you have a larger version?

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