April 11, 2009

Today’s wallpaper:

cgi-abstract-5553Well, my blogging-vacation is over (thankfully, I still have Monday and Tuesday off from school, though). During the respite, I took a roadtrip to Death Valley- and got some beautiful pics, 10 of which I will be fine-tuning and posting Monday-Friday of next week (2 per day).  My cold, unfortunately, persists, but my immune system has reduced it to a runny nose and the occasional cough.

While I was gone (things always happen when I’m gone!) a new beta (2, actually, but I’m only trying the most recent) came out, along with a new version of iTunes (that’s 8.1.1, folks). Honestly, I don’t see anything new with either of these, but I feel updated (updates are my drug of choice), so what the heck. I didn’t do any benchmarks, so I’m probably missing something. Or they could just be bug-fixes.


One comment

  1. uh, <3 your wallpapers ! i <3 green and abstract, but how do i get higher res?

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