April 29, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:

cgi-cool-40346I checked my Blog Stats a couple of minutes ago, expecting my usual 1700 or so hits- I found 2,288. This breaks my old record by a good 179 hits. I have a feeling a few of my friends may have rigged this a little, but I’m probably wrong.

New FireFox out yesterday- 3.5 Beta 4.

I’m moving back to using TraceMyIP for stats- it’s much more comprehensive than WP’s stats. I’m even considering getting a premium account. One of these days I’ll post some screenshots of my stats. It’s really cool to see the distribution of things. XP and Firefox are the most common OS/Browser, respectively- With OSX a 3rd and Chrome a 4th. Sign Up here if you want an account.

Two other cool sites I felt like I should mention- Aviary (great PS and other tutorials) and Artician (A sort of DeviantArt alternative). Honestly, I haven’t done really anything on either site, but I’ve browsed around them, and they both look absolutely sweet.


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