Finally Fixed…

May 10, 2009

I fixed my computer..w/o losing ANY data. The original problem was that I overwrote the MBR for my XP partition with a Hackintosh kernel. Basically what this did was A)Make it so the partition was no longer recognized as NTFS (HFS+Partition error) and B)FUCK UP the bootloader. I fixed the former, after about 10 methods that didn’t work, with testdisk. The latter was a little trickier to fix, but I ended using a base boot.ini and NTLDR and replacing my current ones, then using a boot disk designed for NTLDR issues to fix the booting (did you know that ntldrismissing.com is a site?). At that point, I was feeling pretty good. I booted up, stared at the glorious CTL+ALT+DEL prompt, moved my cursor JUST to make sure it was working, and hit control. That froze my computer. And none of the fixes online worked. After about 6 hours of fruitlessly trying to fix this with various registry and BIOS hacks, I noticed that I had a restore point on my computer (22 of them, in fact. I plan to delete the older ones.). Unfortunately, at this point, I was working in a quickly installed Windows 7- which could not use said restore point(s). So, I pulled out my trusty pirated XP SP3 disk, and booted that fucker up. I quickly realized that this wasnt going to be as easy as I had thought. It wouldnt detect the restore point! In the end, I CREATED a restore point, then CVed the actual restore point and renamed it (ingenious, I know. The sad thing is that it took me 15 minutes to think of). That WORKED. So here I am. 4 days later. BACK WHERE I STARTED WITH A SHITLOAD OF HOMEWORK TO DO. The morals of this story- 1)Keep your XP disk (or at least have a link to a pirated download ;) 2)ENABLE SYSTEM RESTORE. JUST DO IT. (Nike, I want some money for that advertisement.)

This is me w/o my XP:



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