May 14, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:

Dark-Gothic-55730I had a great idea yesterday. After compressing my Firefox .exes and .dlls with UPX (which by the way, sped it up very nicely), I felt like it would be a GREAT idea to do the same to my system files. Without a backup. Yah. What I had forgotten in my excitement was that Windows is very strict about security certificates where DLLs and EXEs are concerned- even with WFP turned off. So I boot up W7, and proceeded to change just about every major (and most non-major) system dlls to a more compact form. Reboot! The excitement was palpable by this point. So palpable, in fact, that I nearly punched myself in the face when I saw a bluescreen on boot. System Restore didn’t work this time. Nor did replacing all the system DLLs and EXEs with fresh ones. That made it worse, in fact. So I’m going back to a month old partition backup, and adding my recent data manually. It could have been a lot worse. But it would have been a lot better- had I made a fresh disc image. Remember that, readers! Go and buy a copy of Acronis True Image if you don’t have it. If you don’t have a job, pirate it (quick, too- I hear they may institute a law banning you from the ‘net for piracy. Gulp.).

Just as a sidenote- the WordPress Stats have been awfully innacurate lately. At the end of the day, I tend to have about 1,400- or so I am told. 10 hours later, it’s jumped to about 2,000. No complaints about the upward jump here- but the accuracy leaves something to be desired.


After readin this, I see the problem. I have been checking at 5 PM- my usual cutoff. However, since the stats are now Time Zone adjusted, I still have seven hours. Finally, Time Zones!!!



We are aware of a problem with some fluctuations in the total views displayed in Stats. We’re working on the problem and hope to have a fix soon. Please be aware that none of your stats will be lost.

Apparently I was right…though I think that the aforementioned time zones were a large part of the problem.


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