May 25, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:

Omen_by_HorseLipsThis wallpaper is one of the few from DeviantArt that I have (and the first I’ve posted), so I will credit the creator. This wallpaper was created by Horselips. He has some other really great prints, so I recommend you check that link out.

This is gonna be a fun week- finals, projects, A RE-IMAGE. I’m almost ready for it- and I’m starting to look forward to it (though not the process of transferring from XP to 7.)

New Chrome out yesterday. Honestly, though, I’m not gonna link to it for one very good reason- you shouldn’t be using Chrome. Yeah, I said it. Chrome is old news. Chromium is where it’s at. I’m running (Chromium) as opposed to (Chrome). Get with the times, people! Download the Chromium Updater here. And just a little clarification, for those of you wondering- Chromium is Chrome, but 5 or 6 builds ahead.


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