Feline Flames

June 17, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:

Animal-Tiger-66550Well, I’m back to posting after a nearly 3 week break. Much as I would love to say I’ve been busy, it’s mainly because I was just being too lazy. However, I am working on some wallpaper designs of my own (for newcomers, the wallpapers I post are NOT made by me). I’ve got 6 designs in the works. Here’s a sketch I did last night and polished up in PS. It’s a .45 revolver BTW. I scanned it at 1200 DPI- a mistake I will not make again. I ended up with a 7 mb image.

This was intended just to be practice, but it turned out well enough that I might do some basic coloring and fine-tuning and actually use it. Hopefully I’ll be done sometime this weekend with the first one.



  1. share you a great wallpaper site

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  2. Awesome man! How did you do that? May you share the steps? I’m too curious rsrsrs

    • I wish I knew…I don’t make these, I just post ’em. Read the disclaimer.

  3. umm =/ sorry
    Do you know who did?

  4. hey guys… a really good picture! could u send it to me in 1200 dpi?? i need it that high even if its 7 mb big … You would do me a great favor!
    could u send it to doggy19241990@hotmail.com pls if u do it =)

    kind regards,

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