June 18, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:


This wallpaper is by DeviantArt’s RomaneAR. Check out some more of his (or her, I’m not sure) work at RomaneAR.Deviantart.com.

Have you heard about the Extend Firefox competition? For the upcoming release of Firefox 3.5 (RC1 was released yesterday) there’s a competition for development of new (or updated w/ significant improvement) addons for 3.5. There are some tight prizes, including some awesome software and a new 15” MACBOOK (I am drooling at the thought). Also some 13” ones for subcategories. Check out the details at the prior link. I know I am entering (once I teach myself how to script XUL and Javascript that is)- possibly twice even.


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  1. Cool thanks for share.

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