July 8, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:

Artistic-Drawing-40954My favorite all-in-one media player, VLC, has finally reached a 1.0.0 release! For those of you not already using VLC, start today. Though it does have a tendency to tear video on occasion, the compatibility and small footprint easily outweigh that.

On a somewhat (but not really) related note, Bleach, the best anime series currently running in my opinion, has gone to filler- just as it appeared we were getting to the good stuff, too! It’s looking like episodes thru 242 will be filler (although that is simply a rumor, it seems to be popular and have some foundation in fact, so I will quote it).

Also, looking at the total hits right now (around 299,350) it seems likely that I will reach 300,000 total hits today! It’s only been about 100 days since it was just 100,000- although at the moment, my traffic seems not to be increasing, but hanging around an average of just under 2,000 hits a day.


One comment

  1. The link seems to be dead, is there a way you can re-up it? Thanks!

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