July 26, 2009

Today’s Wallpaper:

Man-Made-City-67601I’ve decided to reinstate apps of the week- with a few changes. Firstly, I will do it on Sundays and Wednesdays. Secondly, instead of listing 10+ apps with a brief description of each, I will do a longer review of 1 or 2 apps. And finally, with the exception of major upgrades (such as FireFox’s recent 3.0-3.5), I will review each app only once.

Today’s app is TeraCopy,  an alternative to Windows file copying. I am yet to compare its performance to XP’s, but I have found that it easily outstrips Windows 7’s when copying large files or large numbers of files. When copying a few small files, however, it lags behind somewhat. It easily makes up for this though with much more open canceling, overwriting, and renaming during file transfers. TeraCopy allows you to cancel files that can’t or shouldn’t be copied in the middle of a transfer without canceling the whole thing- fixing the biggest problem with Windows File Transfer Utility. Teracopy also has a very small footprint, even during large transfers. I would recommend it to anyone working with a Windows machine.

Get TeraCopy here.



  1. Hello, my band and i saw a picture on the web that was credited to you, and we were seeking permission to perhaps use it an album cover. I don’t have the image on this comp, but i can get on my guitar players comp where it is saved and send you the image.

    thank you for your time, TOdd smith

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