A New Day!

December 27, 2009

For those of you who are mysteriously still subscribed to my feedburner after 5 months of silence (and I appreciate you 6, wherever you may be), good news! I’m starting up a NEW self-hosted blog (hopefully this one will last – unlike bobwama.co.cc) at gijutsu.co.cc. I’m hoping you loyal (or perhaps just forgetful) followers will join me there  – it should be up and fully functional by Monday evening, and at the very least accessible by this afternoon. And for those of you who generate the 2000-3000 hits I get a day, despite my lack of posting, come check it out on Monday (there will be pretty much nothing up today, so it would be rather pointless until then)!



  1. Hey.. I guess I’m one of the 6! tbh i hadnt noticed the inactivity, it was just one of many good sites i’d subscribed to. I’ll take a look at the new one!

  2. Will take a look at it also. =)

  3. Thanks guys!

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