The Revival

May 11, 2010

It’s alive! *Mad cackling* (Yes, I know it’s an overdone cliche, but I couldn’t resist). My blog will be startin’ back up once I hit 1,000,000 lifetime hits (As I write, I’m at about 968,000), so you die-hard fans, who I appreciate, especially since there aren’t many and since I’ve been reticent in the past months, recruit some of your friends to visit and get me some more hits! Right now, it looks like I’ll hit 1,000,000 in about 20 days…but I think we can make that 2 weeks!

When I revive the monster, it’ll have a new focus and probably a facelift to match. Music will be the focal point from here on, with, of course, the occasional wallpaper (or perhaps well-scaled album art….) to satiate the masses, and I’ll probably do some shorter, more frequent posting. Replacing Apps of the Week will be Album of the Week AND Little Known Star of the Week (just call it LKSW…that’s pronounced lik-swa), a focus on emerging or under-appreciated artists who deserve your attention.

And now, for the teaser – I’ve crafted a Pandora station for your listening pleasure, or lack thereof, perhaps. Feel free to suggest new artists to add!


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