Features Galore!

May 18, 2010

I’m going to say this right off the bat – my title is misleading. I only have one new feature to announce. Feel free to rant (I’m short on comments anyways), but “A New Feature” just doesn’t sound as enticing. It sounds, frankly, pretty lame. Thus, “Features Galore!”.

This new feature is going to be a daily 10 song playlist, usually themed around something (be it a wallpaper, a new game that’s out, me being pissed off at finals….). You’re absolutely welcome to suggest songs, and I would love it is you would rate my playlists. Until we get 1,000,000 hits, I’ll still make a weekly 10 song playlist, starting next week (partially because my homework is killer tonight, mostly because I’m just lazy).

On a COMPLETE sidenote, this week’s Bleach episode is by far the most epic ever. Watch it. Even if you don’t normally watch Bleach, make an exception.


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