Oh, the Gloom

June 6, 2010

Yes, you guessed it – Seattle is back to its rain and grey skies. In early June. This is pitiful.

On the bright side, I’m thoroughly enjoying my pirated Super Mario Galaxy 2 (almost more so because of how hard it was to get it to work). It’s just a gorgeous game, with innovative gameplay, beautiful levels…I could go on, or you could just go to Metacritic and read a few reviews. And then go buy it. Or pirate it. Or emulate it, if you have a really powerful computer and don’t mind glitches.

Whatever you do, you should check out today’s playlist. It’s metal, ranging from softer stuff like Crime in Stereo (which, honestly, isn’t even real metal, but it’s good music) to heavy-ish stuff like Drowning Pool. I though about throwing in some August Burns Red and other death metal-esque stuff, but I can’t really stand most of the stuff, so it would be disingenuous and cruel to ask you to listen to it.

  1. Drugwolf by Crime in Stereo
  2. Criminal by After Midnight Project
  3. Million Miles by Papercut Massacre
  4. This is How I Disappear by My Chemical Romance
  5. Breakdown by Seether
  6. New Dark Ages by Bad Religion
  7. Erase Replace by The Foo Fighters
  8. Topless by Breaking Benjamin
  9. Blow by Atreyu (feat. Todd Josh)
  10. Enemy by Drowning Pool

Oh, and a last note – After Midnight Project‘s new (and debut) album is just fantastic.


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