What a Drag

June 20, 2010

Yet another rainy, grey summer day in Seattle. On the bright side, I’ve discovered an upgrade-worthy feature in iTunes 9.2! You can now drag to select – you know, like that feature that’s been in every other major program and game for the past 5 years? Apple finally caught on.

Another cheering fact – I saw Toy Story 3 yesterday, and it was just fantastic. Easily up to the standards of the first two. My favorite new toy – a Totoro plushy. I’m a Miyazaki fan.

Today’s playlist is based around a song requested by a dear friend of mine. The song is More of You by MoZella; unfortunately, the vast majority of songs I have that fit well are by fairly popular artists, but whatever. Still sounds nice. Oh, also, the Sarah McLachlan song is form her new record, Laws of Illusion. I’ve only skimmed it, but I liked what I heard.

Here’s today’s playlist –

Unfortunately, right now Grooveshark is being uncooperative. I’ll have a link up later.

  1. Right as Rain by Adele
  2. More of You by MoZella
  3. Hotel Song by Regina Spektor
  4. My Moon, My Man by Feist
  5. 100 Round the Bends by Missy Higgins
  6. Loving You by Sarah McLachlan
  7. Waiting by Norah Jones
  8. Queen of the World by Ida Maria
  9. I Don’t Want to Wait by Paula Cole
  10. I Met Up With a King by First Aid Kit

My friend also reminded me of a question I’ve been wondering about for a while. She’s a music-savvy enough person that she can simply look at my playlists and know about 90% of the songs, so she doesn’t really listen to ’em. How many of you listen to them?


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