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The Buildup…

August 5, 2010

For the next couple weeks, I’ll be posting playlists based on artists who are playing Bumbershoot (Seattle’s annual music-fest). Artists will include – Bob Dylan, Rise Against, The Decemberists, Motion City Soundtrack, Weezer, Neko Case, Fresh Espresso, Crash Kings, Jay Electronica, Delorean, Hole, LMFAO, J. Cole, Drake, and The Thermals. Killer lineup this year!

Today’s playlist is based off a song by HEALTH, who recently released an album, ::DISCO2.

Grooveshark is being very uncooperative and slow today- I’ll post a link later.

Here’s Today’s Playlist –

  1. Eight by Chew Lips
  2. Round and Round by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
  3. Die Slow (Tobacco Remix) by HEALTH
  4. Stay Close by Delorean
  5. This Momentary by Delphic
  6. Fall Silent by Groove Armada
  7. Standing on the Shore by Empire of the Sun
  8. Dominos by The Big Pink
  9. Sick Muse by Metric
  10. Gimme that Punk by Audio Bullys

A Tornado has Struck

July 23, 2010

Well, no. But there is going to be some more delay before I have a new playlist on grooveshark. The keystone song for my new playlist (Girls and Fast Cars by Fresh Espresso) is sadly missing from its extensive library, so we must await for my upload to be registered (there’s a latency period of up to 24 hours). EDIT – Volcano by Anti-Pop Consortium and We’re Always on the Wrong Side of Sunrise by Head Like a Kite were also sadly absent.

BUT! I do have too pieces of good news –

Firstly, in my absence, I have acquired a glut (I love that word) of new music – nearly 900 new songs, in fact.

Secondly, and this is the true excitement, I’m in the process of creating a system of smart playlists in iTunes that cycles through my music based on how well I know it, creating a fluid 15 song playlist. This playlist features 1 song I know by heart, 2 I know well, 3 I merely “Know”, 4 I sorta know, and 5 I don’t know. Songs are switched between categories based on plays, though I still have to categorize all songs at the onset (I’ve done 61 of 940 or so albums so far), and no song played in the last day will be featured. This, friends and readers, will be REVOLUTIONARY. Well, no, not really, but for me it will be. I’ll make a flow chart (not quite, actually, but similar) in Illustrator and post it sometime next week.

Here’s today’s playlist-

  1. Say Hey There by Atmosphere
  2. Unstoppable by Drake
  3. Still Got Love by Blue Scholars
  4. Stressin’ by Ace Hood (Feat. Plies)
  5. Girls and Fast Cars by Fresh Espresso
  6. Follow Us by Big Boi (Feat. Vonnegut)
  7. Champion by Kanye West
  8. Volcano by Anti-Pop Consortium
  9. We’re Always on the Wrong Side of Sunrise by Head Like a Kite
  10. Spraypaint and Ink Pens by Fort Minor (Feat. Ghostface and Lupe Fiasco)

Still a Kid

June 24, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday – I had a little trouble with the public transit system that put a little bit of a damper on my day, so I didn’t get home ’til late and I didn’t have much energy.

After a few listens through Travie McCoy’s new solo album (you may also know him from Gym Class Heroes), I’ve managed to get a good enough hold on the songs to include one in today’s playlist, which is softcore hip-hop/hip-pop. The 1st track is from his new album Lazarus, released on June 8th.

I’ve discovered a new site – I was referred by one of Kotaku’s recent posts, and it’s just what I’ve been looking for (I’ve been searching for a decent set of online tetris games). There’s some metagaming, multiplayer, various challenges, chat, friends – the works. Sign up for an account here (I get some extra tokens if you use my referral link…you know how it is).

Here’s today’s playlist

  1. Akidagain by Travie McCoy
  2. Top of the World by Ace Hood
  3. Shoot Down the Star by Gym Class Heroes
  4. Fireworks by Drake feat. Alicia Keys
  5. Feel Like Home by Fort Minor
  6. Mayday!!! by Flobots
  7. Fire for the People by Blue Scholars
  8. Road to the Riches by Atmosphere feat. Cuts by DJ Plain Ol’ Bill
  9. Marching Orders by Heiruspecs
  10. The Preacher by Brother Ali


June 21, 2010

So, my digital camera broke recently (it was a shitty Kodak EasyShare C533, but it worked). It suddenly developed a pink streak down the middle of shots – I, being the naive and moderately-handy-with-electronics person that I am, took it apart. Unfortunately, the circuit that connects to the flash battery is completely exposed when you take off the outer casing – after nearly electrocuting myself thrice (I got a blister from the first shock), I decided that taking the lens out was too risky. So, I salvaged the screen (pretty nice one too, actually) and threw the camera away. I’ve spent the last few days deciding on a new camera, and it came down to more or less 2 cameras – Nikon’s Coolpix P100 or Fujifilm’s FinePix HS10. After 2 hours of reading reviews, studying specs and sample images, I’ve decided on the HS10. Now I just have to wait ’til my birthday…

I also have to wait 24 hours ’til I can post a link to yesterday’s playlist, because the song “Waiting” by Norah Jones had not yet been uploaded. Serendipitous, huh?

Note the songs from Drake’s, Reflection Eternal’s, and Eminem’s new albums on today’s playlist.

Here’s today’s playlist

  1. Karaoke by Drake
  2. Ambitionz Az a Ridah by 2Pac
  3. You Never Know by Immortal Technique (feat. Jean Grae)
  4. Love the Way You Lie by Eminem (Feat. Rihanna)
  5. Ends by Reflection Eternal (Feat. Bilal)
  6. These Are Our Heroes by Nas
  7. The Saga Begins by Rakim
  8. Make It Hot by LL Cool J
  9. Mortal Though by KRS-One
  10. Dogs of War by Ghostface Killah (Feat. Raekwon, Trife, Cappadonna, and Sun God)

What a Drag

June 20, 2010

Yet another rainy, grey summer day in Seattle. On the bright side, I’ve discovered an upgrade-worthy feature in iTunes 9.2! You can now drag to select – you know, like that feature that’s been in every other major program and game for the past 5 years? Apple finally caught on.

Another cheering fact – I saw Toy Story 3 yesterday, and it was just fantastic. Easily up to the standards of the first two. My favorite new toy – a Totoro plushy. I’m a Miyazaki fan.

Today’s playlist is based around a song requested by a dear friend of mine. The song is More of You by MoZella; unfortunately, the vast majority of songs I have that fit well are by fairly popular artists, but whatever. Still sounds nice. Oh, also, the Sarah McLachlan song is form her new record, Laws of Illusion. I’ve only skimmed it, but I liked what I heard.

Here’s today’s playlist –

Unfortunately, right now Grooveshark is being uncooperative. I’ll have a link up later.

  1. Right as Rain by Adele
  2. More of You by MoZella
  3. Hotel Song by Regina Spektor
  4. My Moon, My Man by Feist
  5. 100 Round the Bends by Missy Higgins
  6. Loving You by Sarah McLachlan
  7. Waiting by Norah Jones
  8. Queen of the World by Ida Maria
  9. I Don’t Want to Wait by Paula Cole
  10. I Met Up With a King by First Aid Kit

My friend also reminded me of a question I’ve been wondering about for a while. She’s a music-savvy enough person that she can simply look at my playlists and know about 90% of the songs, so she doesn’t really listen to ’em. How many of you listen to them?


Oh, the Homogeny

June 16, 2010

Some call it Pop-Punk, some call it Emo Rock. Some insist there’re crucial differences between the two. Those individuals are delusional. Now, before I go any further, let me say one thing – I like Pop-Punk. I don’t know what it is – I think it has something to do with the type of singing – but it’s just very easy to get hooked on. But, not only are there no differences between Pop-Punk and Emo Rock, the same is true of most artists in said genres. I’m constantly amazed by the utter and consistent level of homogeny in Pop-Punk albums. It’s almost as if all the Pop-Punk artists get together every couple of years and say “Ok, this is how we’re gonna do this shit. NO VARIATION. Any questions? No? Go make the same music as everyone else!”. For a genre that’s supposed to be about rebellion and anti-conformity (and crying over lost love, but that’s another story), nobody’s really innovating. At all. If I put 10 songs by 10 different pop punk bands on a CD and sold it as an album by only one of the bands, I’m pretty confident the average consumer would be taken in.

On a completely different note (Yes, I’m bad at segues. Deal with it) , I was watching a Seinfeld episode earlier tod- wait. Let me start over. I have curly hair. The thing about curly hair, my sort especially, is that when wet, it loses about 75% of its volume. Naturally, when I wash my hair and go to school, I get some comments. They tend to go like this “Oh hey, did you get a haircut?”. To which I almost invariably (except on the 4 or so times a year I’ve gotten a haircut) respond “No. I washed my hair”.  You’d think by the time 8 months had gone by, people would learn. The classmates I’ve been with for about 4 years are just starting to catch on. ANYWAYS. Earlier today, I was watching a Seinfeld episode, an early one, and George and Jerry are sitting in the car. George goes “Haircut?” – you see where this is going (I hope. If not, you either skimmed the last few sentences or are exceptionally dim. No offense) – and Jerry responds “Nope. Washed it”. Now, on behalf of curly-haired people everywhere, let me say a few words on curly hair.

  1. You may think you want curly hair. You are mistaken. Curly hair is a fucking pain in the ass. (I get this all the time from middle-aged women. “Oh, you have such gorgeous hair! Mind lending me some?”)
  2. Curly hair deflates when wet. When you get a haircut, for the most part, it looks the same. STOP ASKING IF WE’VE GOT A HAIRCUT.
  3. We don’t have lice. No matter what you may think is living up there, you’re wrong.
  4. Jokes about what may or may not be living up there stopped being funny after about our 8th year of life.
  5. It may be springlike, it may have volume, it may even bounce back if you push it down. It does not act as a helmet. At all.

And, with another bad segue, I’m planning to bring up the topic of my new design. You may have noticed things have changed a little ’round these parts (And suddenly, the voice in my head has an old style western accent…). I’d gotten a little tired of Garland, the theme I was using before, and I figured Daily Desktop was no longer an appropriate title for this operation I’m running. Thus, Broken Records. Cliche, I know. I’m entirely open to suggestions. Puns are…permissible, but not recommended.

Here’s today’s homogeneous playlist

  1. What’s My Age Again by Blink-182
  2. Disloyal Order of Water Buffalo by Fall Out Boy
  3. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage by Panic! At the Disco
  4. Heart Heart Heartbreak by Boys Like Girls
  5. Surround by American Hi-Fi
  6. Crazy 8s by Mae
  7. Get Out by Circa Survive
  8. That’s Our Hero Shot by Daphne Loves Derby
  9. Something I Said by Safetysuit
  10. The Fantasy by 30 Seconds to Mars

…And They Have Escaped The Weight of Darkness

June 14, 2010

Those of you who are more musically conscious (or, like me, follow Metacritic’s and Pitchfork’s reviews religiously) may recognize today’s post title as the name of Olafur Arnalds’ new album, which I mentioned the other day. It’s billed as Classic/Rock on Metacritic – let me dissillusion y’all about that right now. This is classical + drum beats in something like 3 of the 9 songs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great music, transcendent one might say. But it’s not rock.

My title is also referential to the fact that SCHOOL IS OVER FUCK YEAH. 100 or so days of freedom! SUMMER! YES! Y’all know what I mean.

At Night We Live by Far, which is on today’s playlist, has the saddest music video of all time. ALL TIME.  PERIOD. Go watch it…or don’t, if you’re easily upset.

Here’s today’s playlist

  1. Dead! by My Chemical Romance
  2. War by Sick Puppies
  3. We Were Sick by The Thermals
  4. Ativan Eyes by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
  5. The River by Good Charlotte
  6. What’s It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? by Taking Back Sunday
  7. Angels With Dirty Faces by Sum 41
  8. Ashtray Heart by Placebo
  9. Pardon Me by Incubus
  10. At Night We Live by Far