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The Buildup…

August 5, 2010

For the next couple weeks, I’ll be posting playlists based on artists who are playing Bumbershoot (Seattle’s annual music-fest). Artists will include – Bob Dylan, Rise Against, The Decemberists, Motion City Soundtrack, Weezer, Neko Case, Fresh Espresso, Crash Kings, Jay Electronica, Delorean, Hole, LMFAO, J. Cole, Drake, and The Thermals. Killer lineup this year!

Today’s playlist is based off a song by HEALTH, who recently released an album, ::DISCO2.

Grooveshark is being very uncooperative and slow today- I’ll post a link later.

Here’s Today’s Playlist –

  1. Eight by Chew Lips
  2. Round and Round by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
  3. Die Slow (Tobacco Remix) by HEALTH
  4. Stay Close by Delorean
  5. This Momentary by Delphic
  6. Fall Silent by Groove Armada
  7. Standing on the Shore by Empire of the Sun
  8. Dominos by The Big Pink
  9. Sick Muse by Metric
  10. Gimme that Punk by Audio Bullys

Phoenix Flame

July 15, 2008

Today’s Wallpaper:

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Movie Review:SiCKO

Sicko is a somewhat satirical but deply disturbing film concerning the degradation of the American HealthCare system. Despite what the critics say, you will not be rolling around in laughter for the entire film (unless of course, you don’t live in the US) but you will get the occasional chuckle here and there. A majority of the film shows how “Socialist” Medicine, which has long been persecuted in the US, is actually far superior to our system. Michael Moore has done it again. 4/5

I will be gone Wednesday-Friday (There is a possibility of a post on Wednesday or Friday).


5 ways to get in shape on the cheap

May 25, 2008

For this you will need:
10, 15, or 20 pound weights
A cheap push-mower (yes, it HAS to be cheap)
A pull-up bar (not necessary, but GREAT if you have 1)
A track relatively close to your house (Yes, I am telling you to move.)
15-45 minutes free every day (Not possible if you go to Lakeside…so work out while doing your HW)
A stopwatch
You should all know most of these-But, if not, read this post

1.Basic exercises
These can, and should, be done only with your body.
Crunches (Most people don’t know this, but these work different muscles than Sit-ups)
Wall-Sits (The AGONY!!!!)

2.Assisted exercises
These use something else-i.e. barbells, Pull-up bar
Pull-Ups/Chin-ups(The former works biceps, the latter triceps)
Weight exercises (Butterfly, Bicep lifts, Tricep lifts)
You can get a gym membership to do many more exercises than these using machines, but that is NOT cheap.

Walking is only if you’re tired or out of shape
I recommend swimming several lengths of a standard pool every day
For running (my area of expertise) do 1 of the following (ONLY 1)
1.Run 1 mile (4 laps) every 3 days (No resting, and try to improve your time each session…use a stopwatch)
2.Run 1 800 (2 laps) every 2 days (Again, no resting, but timing is not so important…still recommended)
3.Run 1 400 (1 lap) each day (DEFINITELY no resting. This exercise is for sprinters…time yourself and aim for under 1:00)

1.Walk one lap
2.Walk a 200 (Half lap)
3. Nothing, or walk a 100 (Quarter lap)

4.Body-flex breathing
Look it up on Google…it actually works
Also, you can combine the breathing exercise with the assisted and basic exercises listed here.

5. Mowing the lawn
This is where the push-mower comes in. Mow your lawn once every 5-7 days with the push mower. Take no more than one break. With a medium sized yard, this should take about an hour. This is a great work out for arms, and something of a cardiac exercise as well.