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Blues for Greys

June 15, 2010

In case the title didn’t tip you off, it’s another cloudy summer day in the Emerald City – seems more like the Slate City to me. But I’m really quite happy with today’s playlist, which is based around a sorta grungey-bluesey-rocky sound that not a lot of bands can pull off, or even try to for that matter. When they do pull it off, it’s just spectacular though.

The 3DS (along with a huge amount of other stuff I won’t cover here) was unveiled today at E3, and it really looks quite nice. I’m a little offput by the reports that you’ve gotta hold it just right, but everything else sounds damn promising. I may even give up my firm pro-GBA stance, who knows (yes, that’s GBA as in GameBoy Advance – not even SP. The original GBA was easily the best handheld released in the last decade or so – partially because of the games, partially because of the perfectly contoured body, and partially because of how satisfyingly those buttons click). Look to Kotaku for more details.

And a final note – one of the bands featured on today’s playlist ties for the award for most hilariously and strangely¬†inappropriate¬†name – I’m referring, of course, to the Butthole Surfers, with the tying name being the Whore Moans.

Here’s today’s playlist

  1. Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello
  2. So Right by Dave Matthews Band
  3. Broken Side of Time by Alberta Cross
  4. Pepper by The Butthole Surfers
  5. Paloma by We Are Wolves
  6. I Know What I Am by Band of Skulls
  7. Next Girl by The Black Keys
  8. Back Against the Wall by Cage The Elephant
  9. Rag and Bone by The White Stripes
  10. The Switch and the Spur by The Raconteurs

Back to the Roots

June 12, 2010

It’s another sunny Saturday in Seattle, and I’m feeling mighty fine, if a little bit guilty about procrastinating on my studying. I’ve got a playlist of some older hits for ya today, mostly upbeat to match the weather.

Also, I managed to get ahold of an APB beta key, and for those of you who are interested, I would recommend heading over to Rock, Paper, Shotgun right now – they might still have some left. And even if they don’t you can check out the plentiful E3 posts there – I’m also staying updated through Kotaku and Joystiq.

Here’s today’s playlist

  1. Hello, I Love You by The Doors
  2. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away by The Beatles
  3. American Girl by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  4. Hotel California by The Eagles
  5. Starman by David Bowie
  6. Rocket Man by Elton John
  7. Bedbugs and Ballyhoo by Echo & the Bunnymen
  8. Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
  9. Throw Aggi Off The Bridge by Black Tambourine
  10. California by Phantom Planet

The Eye of the Storm

June 9, 2010

For me, today was the last day of ¬†“school”. I say “school”, because I still have 3 very intense days of finals, after one day of “Rest” (which in this case means studying until my head explodes). But all homework is gone, as are classes. Thank goodness.

You may recall, if you’re the sort of person who actually reads what I write (and now that I think about it, if you weren’t you mostly likely wouldn’t be reading this), that last night I was reading an article on Kotaku about some game design principles. I was..inspired by this article to, again, start making a flash game (I know, not the most ambitious platform, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere). It’s going to be a 1-D fighting game. I’ll post a beta in…oh, let’s say two weeks, and a final release in probably a month or so. Hopefully.

I started off making an Electronic playlist today, only to realize that the amount and variety of electronic songs I know well is not quite as great as I had anticipated. If today’s playlist flows a little sloppily, now you know why.

Today’s Playlist:

  1. Lights Out by Santogold
  2. Thieves in the Night by Hot Chip
  3. Fall Silent by Groove Armada
  4. Satellite Mind by Metric
  5. Lisztomania by Phoenix
  6. Tigerlily by La Roux
  7. Doubt by Delphic
  8. Cream Dream by Simian Mobile Disco
  9. Ambling Alp by Yeasayer
  10. IT IS ON! by United State of Electronica


June 8, 2010

I’m sure most of you have heard the big news by now – if you haven’t, let me fill you in. Eminem’s new album, Recovery, leaked last night. I have a friend claiming this is his best album. I disagree – I would say it’s Eminem Show. Any opinions?

On another, non-music related note, I’m reading an interesting article on Kotaku, about video-gaming principles. It’s actually really interesting stuff – it makes me want to get started on a game. Again. And maybe even finish this time.

And, finally, today’s Playlist. Note the track from Eminem’s new album.

  1. Top of the World by Ace Hood
  2. Lights Please by J. Cole
  3. So Fresh, So Clean by Outkast
  4. Young, Gifted, and Black by Big Daddy Kane
  5. The Things That Hate Us by Atmosphere
  6. Something for Nothing by Heiruspecs
  7. North by Northwest by Blue Scholars
  8. Bring Back Pluto by Aesop Rock
  9. Till Death Comes by Cypress Hill
  10. Cold Wind Blows by Eminem