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The Eye of the Storm

June 9, 2010

For me, today was the last day of ¬†“school”. I say “school”, because I still have 3 very intense days of finals, after one day of “Rest” (which in this case means studying until my head explodes). But all homework is gone, as are classes. Thank goodness.

You may recall, if you’re the sort of person who actually reads what I write (and now that I think about it, if you weren’t you mostly likely wouldn’t be reading this), that last night I was reading an article on Kotaku about some game design principles. I was..inspired by this article to, again, start making a flash game (I know, not the most ambitious platform, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere). It’s going to be a 1-D fighting game. I’ll post a beta in…oh, let’s say two weeks, and a final release in probably a month or so. Hopefully.

I started off making an Electronic playlist today, only to realize that the amount and variety of electronic songs I know well is not quite as great as I had anticipated. If today’s playlist flows a little sloppily, now you know why.

Today’s Playlist:

  1. Lights Out by Santogold
  2. Thieves in the Night by Hot Chip
  3. Fall Silent by Groove Armada
  4. Satellite Mind by Metric
  5. Lisztomania by Phoenix
  6. Tigerlily by La Roux
  7. Doubt by Delphic
  8. Cream Dream by Simian Mobile Disco
  9. Ambling Alp by Yeasayer
  10. IT IS ON! by United State of Electronica

Double Whammy

June 5, 2010

Today has been…if not a good day, better than most of my days lately. I’ve been trying for about a week, unsuccessfully, to softmod my Wii so it can play burnt games. My issue was caused by a combination of the 3.4 system menu I had stupidly upgraded to and my lack of Wii internet access (the main firmware downgrading for Wii’s is done with downloaded files). Fortunately, I managed to find a nice offline downgrade on (kudos to DugEgg), which got me back to 3.2. From there, I was able to follow the Instructables tutorial I was originally using to install cIOS36 Rev7 (later upgraded to cIOS38 Rev14), DVDx onto IOS249, and Backup Loader Gamma 0.3 (later upgraded to NeoGamma Rev7). I anticipate a lot of gaming this summer.¬†Speaking of summer, Seattle had its first day of decent weather in a while today…nothing blistering, of course, probably low 70’s or high 60’s, but it was sunny and clear! Course, last year it was in the high 80’s ’round this time, but whatever. Thus, today’s is a nice cheery, summery playlist….mostly, at least.

UPDATE: It looks like, in future, I’ll be using GrooveShark for playlists – I got tired of the several non-functional links on MixPod, and the low quality of some songs. And the inability to upload. That last one especially.

Here’s today’s playlist:

  1. We Cry by The Script
  2. This Love by Maroon 5
  3. Brink of Disaster by Mae
  4. Bang Pop by Free Energy
  5. I’m a Pirate, You’re a Princess by Playradioplay!
  6. Emerald City by United State of Electronica
  7. Paper Romance by Groove Armada
  8. Do Or Die by Forever The Sickest Kids
  9. You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oates
  10. California by Never Shout Never