Top Apps


1.Eset Smart Security (59.99)

This top-of-the-line antivirus is simply fantastic. I wouldn’t call it innovative, and it only has the basic- firewall, antivirus, and antispyware- but those features are polished and accurate.

2.AVG Antivirus (Free-34.99)

There are two versionsof this software- free and professional. Free, while fantastic, provides less features than the paid one (no spyware, rootkit, etc. protection). However, it is a great antivirus software, and is absolutely free, with regular updates.


1.Spybot Search and Destroy

While many people would argue that Spyware Terminator (my #2 pick) is better, I prefer the frequent updates and immunizations of Spybot. It is just as effect as Terminator, but takes longer.

2.Spyware Terminator

Your basic spyware protection. Fast scanning, but that’s about it. I recommend having both Spybot and Terminator installed.



While not exactly a Firewall, it’s very close. This program examines each process on your computer and uses heuristics to determine if they are running virus-like code. VERY GOOD, but should probably be used in conjunction with an actually firewall.

2.Comodo Firewall

I originally abandoned this frewall because of its constant alerts, but after trying it for a while, have found that it learns very well. The first week will be the worst, and its general smooth sailing from there on. Your basic firewall.



1.VLC Media Player

High quality video, audio, excellent speed, and only the occasional lag. It plays just about ALL formats, audio and video. VLC, simply put, is the best out there right now. Get it.


If you haven’t heard of it, you live under a rock. Seriously. iTunes offers good media managment, and is necessary if you have an iPod. Not especially innovative, but an app everyone should have.




A fantastic freeware clone of MS office 2003. Offers 2007 doc support. Simply the best office alternative you can find- and it’s free!


A great chat client, with it’s own network. Just plain fun, and the video conferencing is the industry standard at the moment.


One comment

  1. a very goog audio player is aimp 2, its for free, and it have over houndrets designs, and can play over 50 sound files and much plugins, and more funtions

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